EA Manager’s role

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In The EA Game Project we use System Dynamics model(s) to model the enterprise architecture practice. The models cover the following areas: EA staffing and competencies; EA Manager’s role; Documentation processEA tools;  Stakeholder communicationsOrganizational developmentProject governance; and Economy.

Let’s look at the model of the EA Manager’s role:

EA Manager

The Enterprise Architecture Manager (EAM) is the role most close to the senior management and the role which possess the greatest organizational empowerment. The EAM can try to obtain insight into the future strategic direction of the organization, attempt to empower and stress the importance of EA and inform stakeholders about the present and future situation for the EA function. The overall aim of the EAM is to get EA integrated further in the enterprise.

The model could be expanded in many ways. Maybe inspired by Bredemeyer:

  • Leadership
  • Consulting
  • Organizational Politics
  • Business Strategy
  • Technology