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The EA Game

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In The EA Game Project we use System Dynamics model(s) to model the enterprise architecture practice. The models cover the following areas: EA staffing and competenciesEA Manager’s roleDocumentation process; EA tools; Stakeholder communicationsOrganizational developmentProject governance; and Economy.

The EA tools model looks like this:

An EA tool must be selected. There are three available EA tools, Nano, Enterprise Architect and Wisio. Their costs per quarter per architect: Nano are 3000 €Enterprise Architect are 4500 € and Wisio are 500 €. Cost follows functionality, so the more expensive tools can do more, but also need more tool competencies. How well a tool can be utilized depends on the skills of the architects and the functionality of the tool.

Tool comparison:

Tool name / FeaturesEase Of UseSharing featuresTechnical CapabilitiesBusiness CapabilitiesCost pr. Architect
Enterprisey Architect**************4500