Greening IT: Enabling a Low Carbon Society

The Greening of IT is a symptom of a much larger challenge for humankind – transitioning from economic childhood into maturity. Despite the emergence of large regional alliances such as the EC, humankind remains incredibly fragmented; and yet the need for global climate and energy policies is pressing. IT offers tantalizing technical solutions to our emissions and growth dilemma: it can grow greener and help with the greening of other industries. This book explores this potential.

‘Greening IT’ is an interntionally collaborative, non-profit, creative commons licensed book dedicated to the preservation of the most important resource – planet earth itself. As the book details, our approach to preservation is not accomplished via pure environmentally focused policies, but instead by leveraging the most important and potent enabler of the Low-Carbon society – Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Our endorsers agree with us that this is an issue of great importance. Therefore we have gone to great effort to ensure the widest distribution of the book as possible. Since the book is released with a creative commons license you will always be able to download a completely free copy, however if you have an e-reader or want the book in physical form you can have that too.